The city is looking at ways to generate more funds for Calgary Transit and is considering increasing fares and discount passes.

Calgary transit users can expect their fares to go up but it is still not know by how much.

A city committee is asking administrators to find a way to increase the take from passengers and the discounted passes could be first on the chopping block.

Business is down at Calgary Transit. Usage has decreased and fares are no longer covering enough of the costs so the price to ride is going up.

Passengers are also asking for better maintenance and security at LRT stations and that also cuts into the budget.

"We have to keep the fares moving but we have to do it very carefully because we know there is some sensitivity. So small fare increases on a regular basis are far better than a big increase all at once to try to catch up," said Neil McKendrick from Calgary Transit.

Fares for seniors have not seen an increase for 16 years and cost $35 per year for Calgarians over the age of 65.

Several council members say that it doesn't make sense and that many seniors still have more money than some other Calgarians who don't get a discount.

Hikes to regular fares, monthly passes, student passes, and senior passes are all being considered.

The low-income transit pass is likely the only discount pass that will not be affected.

Currently, the pass costs $40 dollars per month for adults and $15 dollars per year for seniors.