Winter can bring dangerous conditions to Calgary’s roads and emergency workers and politicians are reminding drivers to be more careful.

"it's about driving in a way that's going to get you home safe, and we're just asking people to make those decisions," says Transportation Minister Ric Mciver.

The minister believes many drivers would benefit from a refresher on the hazards of driving on snow and ice including the fact that it can take more than twice the distance to bring a vehicle to a stop.

"We're not saying anything that they don't already know, but the reason we're putting the message out is because people continue to have crashes, they continue to have collisions, and in just about every case, they are preventable,” says McIver.

McIver says the province is not considering making winter tires mandatory, but wants people to be aware of the limits of their vehicles and tires.

During Tuesday's snowfall, police recorded more than 130 collisions around the city, 14 of which resulted in injuries.