TSB officials have finished their work at the site of last week’s plane crash north of Kelowna that killed former Alberta premier Jim Prentice and three others.

The Cessna Citation was headed for Springbank airport and went down in a forested area east of Wood Lake last Thursday shortly after it took off from Kelowna International Airport.

Jim Prentice, Jim Kruk, Ken Gellaty and Sheldon Reid were all killed in the crash.

The TSB says investigators have examined, documented and collected evidence from the scene and that the wreckage will now be moved by helicopter to one of its facilities for further analysis.

Investigators from across the country are working on the file and officials say so far there are no definitive findings to report.

"We will be thorough in our analysis of the data we have collected, and will continue to gather information as the investigation progresses", said Beverley Harvey, TSB's Investigator-in-Charge.

The investigation is expected to take about a year to complete and the next steps include:

  • Reviewing drone images—filmed with the assistance of the RCMP
  • Examining components such as instrumentation and any device that contains non-volatile memory
  • Sending selected wreckage to the TSB Laboratory in Ottawa for further analysis
  • Gathering additional information about weather conditions
  • Gathering information on air traffic control communications and radar information
  • Examining aircraft maintenance records
  • Examining pilot training, qualifications, proficiency records and medical history
  • Continuing interviews with witnesses, the aircraft operator and others
  • Reviewing operational policies and procedures
  • Examining the regulatory requirements
  • Creating simulations and reconstruct events to learn more about the accident sequence (i.e., to validate data, test hypotheses, and verify assumptions)

The TSB says it will notify Transport Canada, the industry and the public if it comes across any safety deficiencies that require immediate attention during the course of its investigation.