CALGARY -- Four-month-old Jack Russell Terriers Annie and Millie are adapting to their new surroundings and climate in Calgary.

The pair was rescued by an Edmonton woman, Tracy Ginger, who now lives in Mexico. 

Ginger runs a rescue shelter, rehabilitating abandoned or street dogs back to health. 

She gave all of the required shots and surgeries needed for the pair to meet Canadian requirements. 

Annie and Millie landed in Calgary on a plane from Cancun early Sunday morning. 

Whitney Jensen works with high anxiety dogs, training them and rehousing them. 

She'll help both pups find adoptive homes in Calgary. 

“Just knowing that they were going to be in the right hands was really important to me because they had such a rough start,” Jensen said. 

“I wanted them to have a good life and they are going to really good people.”

Jensen is hoping to have the sisters' siblings adopted, who are still in Mexico.