After two years of research and development, the University of Calgary Solar Team has revealed the Schulich Delta, the team's fourth generation solar car.

The Schulich Delta is the first of the solar team’s prototypes to focus on practical applications instead of speed. The car is roomier than the team’s three previous efforts. The design includes a passenger's seat and a trunk large enough to carry two sets of golf clubs.

The car features high efficiency solar cells, four wheels instead of three, two motors, and a touchscreen tablet for a dashboard.

“It's still has a sleek shape, it looks like a sports car,” says Matt Johnson, the mechanical engineering manager for the solar car project.  “We’re working to get it lighter. It weighs 700 pounds which is still less than the typical car.”

Schulich Delta will operate on the same amount of energy it takes to power a hair dryer. The car will make its debut on the road in May during the team's fourth annual tour of Alberta.