LETHBRIDGE -- While many students have returned to school this fall, others have instead chosen to study online.

Jump LA trampoline park located on the north side of Lethbridge has come up with a unique idea to try and help parents alleviate some of the stress related to tackling homeschooling and online learning.

Like most businesses, Jump LA was shuttered for a few months when the COVID-19 pandemic began, before programming resumed in June.

Over the course of the summer, owner Shauna Bremner says several parents reached out to see whether they’d be running any programs or camps for children that are choosing the at-home route.

They decided to move ahead, and now they’ve created the Bounce n’ Books camp, which kicks off next week.

“We supply an academic aide for up to five hours a day, and they will help the children with their curriculum," she said.

"They will get full supervision; they’ll have reading time, social time and physical time. Kids will be supervised by professionals, so parents can feel very, very safe that their children are well looked after."

The curriculum is provided through school boards and students are required to put in five hours a day of study time. Different activities, both physical and in the classroom, will also be organized throughout the day.

Given a lot of unused space in the building, Bremner and her husband, Leo, created a separate area with plenty of room for distance where the academics will be carried out.

When you factor in the whole building's massive space, there will be no shortage of safety for kids and staff alike.

“We have over 20,000 square feet here, and we have a capacity of 50 people,” said Bremner. “So, that gives us a lot of room for social distancing.”

Students will be required to wear a mask during the camps, except when they’re taking part in physical activities.

Camps will run Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The main thing Bremner is hoping the camps will provide is a break for parents who have to navigate these different situations for the first time.

“They can bring their children here, either for one week or a month, whatever they’re comfortable with," said Bremner. "Basically this can give parents an opportunity for their children to get out, have socialization with others, physical activity in a safe environment, and professional academic help for their studies."