CALGARY -- There will be everlasting consequence from the COVID-19 pandemic.

That's the messge from a University of Lethbridge professor, who says our idea of 'normal' may not look the same coming out of the pandemic as it looked going into it.

“I think that people will break from their old habits,” said University of Lethbridge Professor of Sociology Dr. Trevor Harrison. “It’s going to certainly have economic, social, and organizational differences.”           

Dr.Trevor Harrison is a Research Affiliate of the Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy. His research includes Canadian society, political sociology and public policy.  He foresees some industries having a tough time recovering from the pandemic.

“The cruise ship industry is having severe problems and were having some difficulties before with the bad press about being stuck on a ship,” said Harrison. “Tourism has taken a major hit immediately, it may bounce back," said Harrison.

For over a month people have been working from home which could become more a new normal for certain companies.

“Why are we renting this space? There was already a move towards people working more online at a distance anyway” said Harrison.  “Some real losses here because it’s not just about making a living, it's also a real social thing.”


Companies like Netflix and Amazon could benefit, since both have been major content providers for customers through the pandemic. People may question some of their old habits consumer habits.

“People may actually say why I am driving wherever?” said Harrison.

Harrison sees policy change coming becauseof COVID-19 complications, including things like grocery store and food services workers receiving higher salaries.

And since so many people are having to receive social assistance, it could compel governments to providing others forms of social support.

 “Is this the beginning of some guaranteed annual income?” said Harrison.