CALGARY -- A ceremony Friday to honour local veterans in unmarked graves took place at Calgary Union Cemetery.

Research from volunteers over the winter months has discovered an additional 140 unmarked veteran graves in Alberta.

The mission of the Last Post Fund is to ensure that no veteran is denied a dignified funeral and burial, as well as a military gravestone, due to insufficient funds at time of death.

“This event is to recognize the hard work done by volunteers,” said Glenn Miller, Alberta Last Post Fund.

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Miller volunteers his time to research and notify family when discoveries are made.

“As a veteran myself, I’ve always been guided by the philosophy of three simple words, lest we forget,” said Miller.

Yvonne Sugimoto, a volunteer with the Last Post Fund, has been searching for unmarked graves for over ten years.

“These people gave everything for us,” said Sugimoto, “Most of the graves that I find, don’t have family in the area and that is likely why their graves are unmarked.”

Sugimoto is very thankful for what these veterans did for us and is happy to give her time.

“I grieve a little for them, because so many of them died under tragic circumstances, absolutely horrible circumstances and they had no one,” said Sugimoto.

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Veterans Affairs Canada pays for the markers once approved and they estimate that there could be two to three thousand unmarked graves in Canada.