The current Children’s Wish Ambassador thought he was picking up a cheque for the organization, but he was the one that ended up getting a lift.

The annual Kimmett Cup Pond Hockey Tournament was a big success this year, raising over $100,000 for the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada. The organization sent ambassador Tristan Garrett to the cheque presentation, but there was a big surprise waiting for the 14-year-old.

“I was expecting to just do a cheque presentation, accept the cheque, talk to a few news outlets kind of thing, and as it turns out, I'm going to get to have my wish, which is to fly, which is just amazing,” he said.

Tristan has been battling a form of bone cancer for two years, and his mother said he has always enjoyed helping others, which led him to the organization.

“When he saw the effort that went into granting wishes for these kids, he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to get involved, he made me contact Children’s Wish and say is there anything else he could do,” said Loreli Garrett, Tristan’s mother. “It gives him something to think about when he's having bad days, when things aren't going quite right, he'll sit down and read the Children's Wish notes on the history of the organization, what it takes to grant a wish and it's just made him happy to be able to do this.”

But the excitement on this day is on a whole new level as Tristan gets ready for his flight.

“The important thing is everything starts with a dream, and for Tristan, it’s his dream to fly,” said Luca Ribetti, Owner, LR Helicopters. “Once we are up there, it's basically like playing a video game, and kids are really good on video games, and they actually pick it up faster than us, so he will definitely enjoy.”

Tristan has been to the Kimmett Cup, which has raised a half million dollars in just four years for Children's Wish, making it possible for them to grant wishes.

“Some wishes, we have the luxury of time, others are granted on an urgent basis, so having the ability to raise funds and use them at a moment's notice is critical to grant a child the wish and dream they've always hoped for,” said Jason Baserman, Kimmett Cup Co-Chair.

The thrill of flying in a helicopter will be a cherished memory for Tristan, but so too is the work he does for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

“It really makes me feel like I am making a difference, like I am doing something, helping someone,” he said. “Raising money for kids who are sick or have problems like me or even worse than me, and I’ve always been partial to that.”

You can find out more about the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada on their website.

You can also learn more about the Kimmett Cup here.