An upside-down church sculpture that was housed in Ramsay for six years is making its return to Calgary, this time in East Village.

The Calgary Municipal Land Corporation says the piece, which is nearly seven-metres tall and nearly three-metres wide, is being put together this week, and will go on display early next week. It will be located at the 5th Street Square, between 6th and 7th Avenues Southeast.

The sculpture, officially called 'Device to Root Out Evil', is owned by the Benefic Foundation from Vancouver. It was designed by Dennis Oppenheim and stood in Ramsay from 2008 to 2014, before it was moved into storage.

Clare LePan, CMLC’s vice president of marketing and communications, says it’ll be a welcome addition to East Village. “We’re always looking to enhance the area, to bring in more colour.”

The sculpture was loaned to the CMLC for free and will be on display in East Village for the next five years.