A Guatemalan-Canadian whose entire family was murdered in a notorious massacre is speaking out.

Ramiro Cristales wants to stop the extradition of alleged war criminal, Jorge Sosa, to the United States.-s.

Cristales was one of just four children who escaped the village of dos Erres in 1982.

More than two hundred men, women and children were massacre by a small group of government soldiers.

Cristales wants justice.

Last January, the alleged massacre ringleader, Jorge Sosa, was arrested in Lethbridge on U.S. immigration charges.

He's supposed to be sent to the U.S. to stand trial.

Legal activists say, if that happens, it'll be decades before Sosa faces the allegations in his homeland.

"He's only being charged in the US for lying on his citizenship application," says Matt Eisenbrandt of the Canadian Centre for International Justice. "There's no underlying charge for crimes he allegedly committed in the dOS ERRES massacre."

"They took my mom, my brothers, I remember, I grabbed my mom, her leg, I was screaming, ‘don't take my mom'," says Cristales. "They didn't care."

Legal activists are asking the justice minister to charge Sosa with crimes against humanity and put him on trial here.

Three other special forces soldiers accused alongside Sosa were convicted this summer and given a prison sentence of 6,000 years.