Police are warning women about a violent sexual offender who has been set free.

Gregory Venn is a serial rapist who has been labeled a psychopath.

He was released from prison Sunday after serving eight years behind bars.

The 45-year old has a long history of violent sexual assaults.

Twice Venn broke into Calgary homes and sexually assaulted women.

Psychiatrists say Venn is a psychopath and in 2000 he was labeled as a dangerous offender and ordered locked up indefinitely.

But that was overturned on appeal.

Now Venn is set free.

He has served his full sentence, but police fear he will strike again.

Calgary Police Sgt. Todd Zelensky says, "Greg Venn has been through three high intensity programs that have been offered in Canada. The highest offered in Canada. So as far as any other programming, he has been as high as he can go. And my understanding is that for a diagnosed psychopath, there is very little likelihood of successful treatment."

Venn has been released under several conditions.

He has to report to police daily, refrain from alcohol, and abide by a curfew.