Residents of a Calgary senior’s community took part in a virtual reality experience on Monday that is aimed at easing social isolation.

The experience was part of a new program that hopes to improve social connections in seniors by engaging them in VR activities.

Residents at the Revera Mount Royal Care Centre slipped on the VR goggles and say it was a stimulating experience.

“it's amazing, it feels like you are right there,” said Lorna Curtis. “We saw dolphins playing, we saw elephants, we saw a parade, all sorts of different things.”

The seniors can take a trip to a favourite vacation spot or travel to places they’ve never been before.

“We’ve created a social reality platform that lets residents and seniors get back into the world. They can travel to the place they’ve never seen and go back to their favourite vacation spots, check off bucket list items and really just keep living the lives that they want to live,” said Toby Patel, Rendever Director of Community Engagement .

Rendever says the next step is to make the VR experience available for seniors in their own homes.

For information on virtual reality for older adults, visit the Rendever website.