The attorney for Tyler Marshall confirms the Animal Protection Act charges against his client have been withdrawn and a civil suit has been filed against the Alberta SPCA in connection with the agency’s conduct during the investigation.

In 2017, SPCA officers removed 131 dogs as well as an undisclosed number of rabbits, cats and tortoise from a rural property near Vulcan. In connection with the seizure, Marshall was charged with allowing animals to be in distress and failing to provide proper veterinary care.

On Friday, Brendan M. Miller, Marshall’s attorney, confirmed that the charges against his client had been withdrawn as was an offence charged against Marshall in Okotoks.

Marshall was fined $10,000 for not having the required permit for having more than three adult dogs on his property, a violation Miller says his client was oblivious to but accepts responsibility for.

Miller says the civil suit filed in the Court of Queen’s Bench against the Alberta SPCA was in response to the egregious violations of Marshall's rights.