As snow banks and frozen buildups on city streets continue to melt, City of Calgary Water Services crews are working feverishly to ensure the water has somewhere to go.

Crews are responding to city streets based on a priority system with a focus on areas where there is the likelihood of:

  • Private or public property damage
  • Inhibited access to accessible parking zones, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, manholes and bus routes
  • An impact to motorists on roadways

Since Friday, Water Services has responded to nearly 1,200 catch basin calls. Using steamer trucks, crews are attempting to defrost frozen catch basins to relieve roads of water pooling. The department has hired additional crews and the City of Calgary has reassigned workers from other departments to assist with the effort.

If you witness a problem with a catch basin or flooding, you are asked to contact 311. Do not attempt to clear a catch basin on your own as there may be potential hazards below the surface of the water.

To protect your property from the melting snow, shovel snow away from the foundation of your home and ensure eavestroughs are clear of ice and debris.

For additional tips on protecting your property from flooding, visit City of Calgary Flooding Information

Alberta Emergency Alert has issued a Spring Runoff Advisory for all sections of the province south of Peace River and Fort McMurray.

Heavy snowfall in 2014 has resulted in an above average snowpack and the sudden increase in temperature is expected to cause a rapid melt.

A significant amount of runoff is expected in streams throughout the province and overland flooding may occur in low-lying areas along small waterways. Major riverways are not expected to experience a dramatic increase in water levels.