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The heat continues for Calgary, southern Alberta

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Very little progess has come forth from our forecast models relative to a deeper warm-up or a steadier cool-down. Not a bad thing, necessarily - but it means we're still facing heat warnings. The risk of thundershowers will not appear on my weather maps at 5 and 6 today - there's such a remote chance of anything establishing beneath this ridge that it isn't worth doing right now.

We may see some haze try building tonight, but most models have a rapid dispersal in such a way that 

MORNING EDITION: We are entrenched south of the jet. Warm air is persistent. There are a couple of days ahead that may fall just short of the heat warning criteria, but it isn’t by enough to make a large difference.

The warning likely stretches toward the weekend before dropping. If there’s something of a bright side, it’s that we’re not under conditions one might consider stifling; it’s still hot, and uncomfortably so for those partaking in prolonged periods of physical activity outside, but the chance of Calgary running even up to 30 C are small.

Canada weather - Aug. 9, 2022. Elsewhere in our province today, a chance of thundershowers will fall in, thanks to a weak shortwave from British Columbia.

Edmonton is in this line; Calgary’s primary effect will be the addition of cloud tomorrow, with only a slight chance of showers. Another shot at rain opens up Friday, but the chance is small; there’s a lot of model disparity at the moment. 

Your five day forecast:


Evening: some cloud, low 15 C


Mainly cloudy

Daytime high: 28 C

Evening: clear, low 17 C


Mainly sunny, chance of showers, thundershowers

Daytime high: 31 C

Evening: clear, low 14 C



Daytime high: 30 C

Evening: clear, low 15 C



Daytime high: 30 C

Evening: clear, low 16 C



Daytime high: 29 C

Evening: clear, low 14 C


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