CALGARY -- In like a lamb.

We have a 9.7 C from Jan. 19 to top for warmest day to date of 2021, and today it's possible.

Strong westerly wind is set up aloft and for the next few days; at times, this warm wind is going to push gusts for Calgary into the 60 km/h range. For those who deal with them, pressure headaches may be prescient again.

This won't be all-encompassing. While westerly wind is set up for a little while, we're mindful of our jet dropping away tomorrow, providing significant warmth in Lethbridge, Taber, et al., but not so much for Calgary. We'll get above normal, but not as drastically so, as today's offering… or Thursday's, as the jet jumps back up at us and swings our temperatures back toward the double-digits.

The longer-range forecast is always guilty of optimism, but this time – this time – it seems completely warranted!

Here's the five-day forecast:


  • Mainly sunny, gusts to 50 km/h!
  • Daytime high: 10 C
  • Evening: mainly clear, low -4 C


  • Mainly sunny
  • Daytime high: 4 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low -3 C


  • Sunny
  • Daytime high: 6 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low -1 C


  • Mainly sunny
  • Daytime high: 9 C
  • Evening: some flurries, low 2 C


  • Mainly sunny
  • Daytime high: 10 C
  • Evening: some flurries, low 0 C

Today offers up a pair of amazing shots of the snow moon, taken by Mick (Strathmore) and Tony (Calgary) on the 27th!

Snow moon, Strathmore, Mick, Feb. 27

Snow moon, Feb. 27, Calgary, Tony, skyline

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