Alberta Wildrose Party members will pick a new leader in Calgary in June to replace interim leader Heather Forsyth.

Forsyth took over temporarily after Danielle Smith and several other MLAs crossed the floor to join the PCs in December.

“Our party is strong, united and ready to give Albertans a real, principled, grassroots and fiscally conservative option at the ballot box,” said Wildrose Party President Jeff Callaway. “While the governing PCs talk about raising taxes, hurting economic growth and doing anything to stay in power, our party will be engaging Albertans across this province from door-to-door talking about how to make Alberta an even better place to live.” 

“I’ve been enormously moved by the response from Albertans ready to engage in our leadership process and move our party forward,” Forsyth said.  “I encourage all Albertans who believe we can do better as a province to get engaged.”

Candidates will have to come up with a $20,000 non-refundable entry fee to be eligible.

Albertans interested in buying or renewing their memberships are required to be registered 14 days before the June 6 vote. 

Candidate forms will be ready for pickup on January 26 and the cut-off for entry will be a month before the vote.

The new leader will be selected at an event at the Coast Plaza Hotel on June 6, 2015.

Interested candidates can contact