Sparks were flying at the Legislature on Wednesday with the Wildrose Party accusing Premier Redford of being involved in a conflict of interest after suggesting her ex-husband's law firm be chosen to take over litigation against big tobacco .

The opposition party is accusing the premier of hand-picking her ex-husband’s law firm to be part of a massive tobacco lawsuit announced this past May.

A number of firms were chosen including one that Redford’s ex-husband, Robert Hawkes, is a partner at.

The Wildrose threatened to file a complaint with the law society, a move the seemed to incense Redford.

“If this person, who theoretically should understand what the law society is, is now prepared to malign the legal profession in this province Mister Speaker then I have no idea where this discussion is supposed to go,” says Redford.  “I’ll tell you Mister Speaker, that if this honourable member should decide to make a complaint...go ahead.”

Redford says she had stepped down as Justice Minister before a final decision was made.   

The Wildrose is calling for the lawsuit to be suspended until a full investigation is completed by the Ethics Commissioner.