CALGARY -- The debate is taking place in communities all over North America thanks to the pandemic. Politicians and public health officers want to make sure there are no out breaks because of Halloween parties or kids going door to door receiving candies.

Ryan Schoel is the owner of The Costume Shoppe in southeast Calgary. His business runs all year not just in time for All Hallows’ Eve.

“You can’t take October 31st and erase it off the calendar and because you can’t it’s still going to be there no matter what,” said Schoel.

Halloween is a big part of Schoel’s business and he believes the celebration will happen in some way in 2020.

“I think there will be trick or treating anyway, there’s all sorts of different groups going on about how do we do this, leave it out side or are we going to hand it out,” said Schoel. “There’s going to be lots of different opportunities to do that and there’s going to be lots of different variations depending on the neighbourhoods.”

Dr. Deena Hinshaw is Alberta’s chief medical officer of health. She recieved an email from a nine-year-old Albertan this week who had some suggestions on Halloween so she knows many people are thinking about the night.

“If you want to have a really enjoyable Halloween the best thing we can all do is keep our case counts low,” said Hinshaw. “Look out for each other and make sure that we're following our public health guidance right now so that we set ourselves up for success and the opportunity to have an enjoyable Halloween."

In British Columbia, public health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry believes Halloween will take place.

“It's just going to look different like everything is looking different during this pandemic,” said Henry. “I really think we need to think about small groups outside, not having somebody come into your house but having maybe the neighborhood doing things at the end of the driveway having pre packaged treats for kids.”

In Ontario Premier Doug Ford hasn’t made a decision on Halloween.

“Well we got to be so careful,” said Ford. “So let's play by ear and see what happens over the next month and a half for Halloween but it just makes me nervous, kids going door to door with us, prefer not to.”

Calgarian Wanda Metz is thinking about hosting a back yard Halloween party with a few friends if the weather is nice enough.  She hopes kids will be allowed to trick-or-treat.

“Yes, I just think it’s something we’ve brought into our culture and that we do all the time, so I like it,” said Metz.