CALGARY -- Calgarians are finding creative ways to have fun and make the most of all the time spent at home as part of containing the coronavirus pandemic.

Children are taking part in "window walks" by posting art and positive messages that can be visible from the sidewalk.

There’s a new theme every few days.

Calgary band Reuben and The Dark have created a "self-isolation choir" by compiling recordings of people singing along with him on Instagram.

"It’s really just about connecting and there’s so many people going through hard times right now. I want to be a part of something like helping feed the soul," said Reuben Bullock.

And two Upper Mount Royal residents are using the sloping terrain to their advantage: creating a ski jump in their backyard.

"It’s the last operating ski hill on the Canadian Rockies," said James Buchanan, an avid skier.

It has been nicknamed Mount Jackman.

His roommate Eric Lopatinsky says it helps wipe out winter doldrums

"Lucky for us we live in such a great climate we could build a ski mountain right here in Calgary in upper Mount Royal."