A woman from the Calgary area is pleading for help to find her dog that she believes was stolen from her home while she was out.

Last week Rachel Pugh came home to find her place had been broken into and her dog Luca, an Italian mastiff was missing.

Pugh says she believes the previous owner arranged to steal the animal back.

So far, Pugh has not been able to get in touch with the previous owner and she says she believes the woman is hiding out at a friend's residence in B.C.

“We're hoping she comes forward and speaks to us, we'd like to get her version of what’s happened here,” said CPS Cst. Ashley Halliwell.

The woman Pugh is accusing of stealing the dog actually did own the dog at one time and Pugh says the woman didn't have time to care for it full time.

Pugh says the dog's ownership was transferred to her about a year ago but she continued to let the previous owner visit and take the dog for walks.

That was until Pugh says the woman wanted the dog back but Pugh said no and shortly after, Luca vanished.

“My mind immediately went to the previous owner, but I just couldn't believe anyone would do something like that,” said Pugh.

So far, no one has been arrested or charged and police are looking into a simple theft investigation.

Police say they have not been able to pinpoint where the previous owner is now and her name is not being released.