Several of the Calgary Zoo’s animals have returned to their habitats on St. George’s Island now that engineers have inspected the facility to ensure it is safe.

The zoo says a team of engineers have cleared the key habitats and say they are structurally safe and sound.

On Thursday, the animal care team started returning the animals to their homes.

As of Friday, two snow leopards, three red pandas, several muntjac, emu, macaques, peccaries and Red River hogs have been returned to their homes.

Zoo officials say the next step is to finish preparing the enclosures for the lions and tigers.

Once that is complete, staff will start moving the big cats back in.

Officials say that two giraffes that were affected by the floods are now in stable condition.

A few more fish were found dead, including 25 of approximately 125 cichlids from the Rivers’ Edge fish tanks and six more piranhas.

The island and a large part of the mainland section of the zoo are still without power.

They are using generators to power key buildings including Penguin Plunge.

Staff continue the cleanup and decontamination and will move more animals in as they make progress.