CALGARY -- Kody Allan Giffen, one of two siblings facing first-degree murder charges in the 2019 shooting death of a Siksika Nation man, has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter.

The guilty plea was entered Thursday morning. Sentencing is expected to take place in 2021.

Giffen and his older brother Brandon, both residents of Strathmore, were charged with first-degree murder charge in connection with the March 2019 death of Christian William White, who was known to friends and family as Kristian Ayoungman.

The body of the 24-year-old Siksika Nation man was found in the early morning hours of March 17, 2019 in a vehicle in a rural area south of Strathmore. RCMP confirmed Ayoungman (née White) had suffered a fatal gunshot wound.

Brandon Giffen's first-degree murder trial is scheduled for next year.