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Warm and dry Thursday ahead of cool and wet weekend

Thursday will be warm in southern Alberta as stable conditions dominate. With a weak ridge of high pressure at the surface in southern Alberta, daytime highs are expected to range from the low to mid 20s.


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Wildfire risk rising in southern Alberta

Alberta and most of the country have had relatively few fires to start the fire season, thanks to cooler temperatures and moisture. But higher temperatures and high winds have many concerned more wildfires are on the way.

A gallery of murals, painted by Indigenous artists, are now on display at Banff National Park's Cave and Basin historic site.
U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's handwritten Gettysburg Address from 1863 is among the items on display in the exhibit, 'Collecting Memories: Treasures from the Library of Congress,' during a media preview at the Library of Congress in Washington. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

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