CALGARY -- Three Calgary restaurants have been ordered to rearrange the configuration of tables and chairs after health inspectors found a lack of physical distancing inside.

Lounge Eighteen (1005 17th Avenue S.W.), Café Med Restaurant and Shisha Lounge (529 17th Avenue S.W.) and Gringo Street (524 17th Avenue S.W.) were each given verbal orders on Aug. 27 to rearrange or remove tables and chairs to ensure at least two metres of distance between parties, or install physical barriers.

Café Med and Lounge Eighteen were also told to make sure no more than six people are seated at one table and to wash all water pipes in hot water and detergent after use, in a sink that's not located in the food and beverage handling area.

Gringo Street was also told to stop seating people at the bar, or install a physical barrier, and to obtain a valid food handling permit from Alberta Health Services.