CALGARY -- Come Monday morning golfers won't be able to go out with the regular foursome.  That's because on Thursday provincial health officials announced restrictions that will limit who you play with.

Under the new rules, you can only golf with members of your own household.  If you're living alone you can golf with two close contacts.

Golf course administrators said they were glad they get to stay open but the new restrictions will make it tougher to please everyone.

Valley Ridge golf director Curtis Robertson said his course will do its best to accommodate as many members as they can.

"I know our at our facility we're going to run it as two separate nine hole courses so members will get the opportunity to play nine holes at least," Robertson said.

"It's better than nothing and that way we can accommodate more players.  We're also going to tighten up our intervals to six minutes based on the fact that we're going to be allowing twosomes and singles only just to adhere to the guidelines properly."

Wyatt Prather, a member at Valley Ridge, said the new rules are not ideal but it could be worse.

"It definitely is unfortunate," Prather said.

"We're happy that it's still open and that we can golf but its going to be different golfing by ourselves or golfing with the family but hey we get to swing a golf club so I'm okay with that right now."

Alberta Golf is asking that all golf courses comply with the new rules.  Meanwhile the new restrictions could change.  On Friday morning Premier Jason Kenney said the government and health officials are going to try to work with the golf industry to try and come up with a better solution.

"I will ask the doctor instructor team to review that and perhaps the Alberta Golf Association could come up with a proposed protocol along those lines where folks are not travelling in the same carts and they stay socially distant," Kenney said.

"You know I think now the greatest risk of course when it comes to golf would be folks assembling for a postgame adult refreshment in the clubhouse and socializing indoors that is not permissible now."

No doubt Alberta Golf is working on a plan right now that will ease the province's concern.