CALGARY -- In less than a week, Calgarians will be able to enjoy alcohol at 30 designated locations in parks across the city.

The pilot project will feature 30 clearly-designated picnic tables that can be reserved in advance, where it will be legal to consume booze between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m, from next Tuesday through Sept. 7. There's a two hour limit per table.

The goal of the pilot project is to create another safe space for people feeling cooped up in the pandemic to meet with friends and family.

"As the weather warms after a very difficult winter, we're excited to provide a new opportunity for Calgarians to responsibly connect with their parks and each other," said Kyle Ripley, director of Calgary Parks, in a release.

While it will be legal to have a drink in city parks, imbibers won't be able to carry alcohol around the park. Public intoxication is forbidden and people are asked not to drive if they are drinking.

Designated drinking tables may be cut early from the program if problems occur. Calgarians with concerns may contact the city at 311.

Tables are available first come, first served, or can be reserved with a free permit that gives users priority use.

While the program starts with 30 tables, it may be expanded, depending on public response.

To book a picnic table, or for more information, visit