The provincial government has done away with the last of its provincial park liquor bans ahead of the Victoria Day long weekend and will remove some of the restrictions governing alcohol consumption at festivals.

The May long weekend liquor ban was put in place in 2010 in the eight parks as well as Ghost Reservoir Recreation Area and Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.

“It’s time to lift prohibition-era restrictions around liquor consumption in Alberta and give adults the freedom to act responsibly,” said Premier Jason Kenney. “Today is the beginning of the end of the war on fun with regulations that we are announcing to make it easier for people to responsibly consume alcohol in provincial parks and at festivals across Alberta.”

As of the weekend, the liquor bans will be lifted in provincial campgrounds in the following eight areas:

  • Aspen Beach
  • Dillberry Lake
  • Garner Lake
  • Jarvis Bay
  • Miquelon Beach
  • Pigeon Lake
  • Wabamum Lake
  • Whitney Lakes

The provincial government also announced the clarification of Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) regulations in a move designed to allow festival organizers to decide where alcohol can be served on festival grounds. “In the future, people will be able to grab a beer and walk around a summer festival in this province without fear of being arrested or ticketed or fined,” said Kenney. “If they can do this in pretty much every country in Europe, I think we can treat Albertans as responsible grownups as well.”

Victoria Day long weekend alcohol bans remain in effect in federal park campgrounds.