An autopsy has been completed on a man who died last week in the southwest.

The victim has been identified as Mohammad Ahmed Mahmud, 36, also known as Ahmed Mahmud.

He died as a result of a stab wound.

One charge of Second Degree Murder has been laid against a Calgary resident after Police responded to a homicide in the Bankview area Friday afternoon.

30-year–old Ahmed Abdulkadir Mohamed has been charged with one count of second degree.

Friday afternoon, police got a call that a man was in distress outside a Bankview apartment at 1510 21 Ave SW.

On arrival they found a stabbing victim, bleeding to death on the front step.

Duty Inspector Paul Stacey of the Calgary Police said "He was collapsed at the bottom of the stairway for the foyer of this building and EMS attended and they transported the man to the foothills hospital in life threatening condition and he has since died in hospital."

Witnesses told CTV the man who was stabbed had been wandering around the parking lot in the morning trying to get into the apartment.

He claimed to be a former resident who was owed money.

Later, a woman who only wanted be identified as Sherri, heard an argument break out on an upper floor, and was first on the scene trying to help the injured man.

Sherri told us, "I heard a loud altercation between them in a language I didn't understand. Came downstairs and I saw the victim lying there. He was in a pretty bad state and wasn't moving."

The victim is the man who came to the apartment

He'd been stabbed in the chest.

Ahmed Abdulkadir Mohamed, 30, has been charged with one count of second-degree murder.

Mohamed's next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 31.

Mahmu's next of kin have been notified.