CALGARY -- A local restaurant that had vowed to stay open despite public health restrictions is closing after all.

Current COVID-19 restrictions prohibit indoor dining as the province reverted back to Step One of restrictions.

Bennys Breakfast Bar in southeast Calgary announced Wednesday it would stay open for indoor dining despite the restrictions.

Only patio dining that is properly distanced is permitted.

On Saturday, customers could be heard calling the health official a “Nazi” at one point and asking if his children would be proud of him.

A Calgary Police Service officer appeared to escort the official as unmasked customers continued to scream at them both.

Restaurants can be fined for staying open in defiance of public health orders but many businesses in Edmonton and smaller towns outside Calgary have chosen to stay open as well.

Azalea Beattie, from HERC’s Nutrition, told CTV News Calgary in an interview that she does not think restaurants breaking public health restrictions is getting out of hand.

“We’ve been really fortunate that we’ve been privileged enough to be considered essential and we’ve gotten to stay open and operate safely all throughout the pandemic.”

She added that people are simply doing what it takes to protect their livelihoods.

“To have your doors open and close numerous times,” said. “I couldn’t imagine being put in that boat… I don’t understand at what point somebody above us got to choose whether or not we could earn a living.”

One Calgarian said they understand the restrictions and that now is the time to stay safe as COVID-19 cases are rising.

“I feel like the tensions are a little bit higher but ultimately it is just about keeping our city health and safe.

“We just have to stay strong and ride the wave because we are just going to prolong this longer.”