CALGARY -- Extreme cold warnings have spread to include most of Alberta. Although Calgary and southwestern Alberta aren’t included, this is by technicality only.

Environment and Climate Change Canada issues extreme cold warnings when the temperature or wind chill reaches -40 for at least two hours. While Calgary may not reach a wind chill of -40 Sunday night, we could get there during the overnight hours through the first half of the week.

Some moderation is expected for the weekend of Feb. 13, but temperatures remain severely below the seasonal average high of 0°C. Greater improvement is likely for the following week when daytime temperatures finally reach the minus mid-single digits.

There are some plus sides to the deep freeze however. Prairie Storm Chaser Chris Ratzlaff, says temperatures below -25°C are ideal conditions for frozen soap bubbles – a fun activity for the whole family. Check out his recipe:

Here’s the five day:

Sunday Night:

  • Mostly cloudy, chance of flurries
  • Overnight: -28°C, wind chill near -36


  • Mostly cloudy, chance of morning flurries
  • Daytime high: -23°C, wind chill near -30
  • Overnight: Partly cloudy, -31°C


  • Clearing
  • Daytime high: -24°C
  • Evening: Mainly clear, -31°C


  • Sun and cloud mixed
  • Daytime high: -26°C
  • Overnight: Partly cloudy, -31°C


  • Sun and cloud mixed
  • Daytime high: -23°C
  • Overnight: Partly cloudy, -27°C


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high: -20°C
  • Overnight: Partly cloudy, light wind, -26°C