CALGARY -- A bobcat family was captured on video walking outside a Calgary home over the weekend near the southwest community of West Springs. 

The video — sent to CTV News Monday — was shot by a viewer Sunday afternoon.

According to Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers, bobcat sightings are common in Calgary and the agency receives several reports every year.  While bobcats are generally not a threat to people, officers say not to approach them or feed them as the wild animals could learn to associate people with food.

Bobcat kittens are usually born in the spring between the months of April and June. Mother bobcats are very protective of their young and can become defensive when approached.

The province recommends staying alert for wildlife. If bobcats are in the area, it is wise to keep your distance, keep cats inside and keep dogs on a leash.

The City of Calgary has a wildlife monitoring map to help residents understand where various species of wildlife live and travel within the city.

If you encounter wildlife that may be pose a risk to public safety, report the incident to the Fish and Wildlife office in Calgary at 403-297-6423.