CALGARY -- After learning a passenger onboard his bus from Golden to Calgary was infected with COVID-19, a bus driver says he's upset he wasn't told by the company he worked for.

Ron Lamb, who was driving the Rider Express route March 15, says he only learned about the case of coronavirus much later.

He says the company never told him directly about his potential contact with the patient and Lamb only learned about it from a colleague.

While he has since been laid off, Lamb says he drove a number of other routes following that trip and is concerned about exposure.

He adds he isn't the only one worried about safety on the bus.

"There's at least three other people in our company, three in Calgary and one more in Vancouver who are deeply concerned and thought that we shouldn't be operating, knowing the confines of bus, there's really no way to create a safe distance for anybody."

Rider Express is still operating, but is limiting service to 26 passengers per bus to allow for social distancing in vehicles.

The owner of the company says there never were any sick passengers on any of its buses.

The B.C. government confirmed to CTV News that a passenger on board the bus on March 15 tested positive for COVID-19.