Some business owners in Chinatown want the city to put the brakes on part of a proposed cycle track network.

The plan is to have the cycle track run along the eastern edge of Chinatown and it isn't sitting well with some business owners.

The route would start at Riverfront Avenue and run down 1st Street southwest.

Cycle tracks are on-street bike lanes that are separated by barriers from vehicle traffic.

A similar path system was opened last summer at 7th street southwest and the city is looking to expand the system to give cyclists a safe path through the core.

Some business owners say reducing vehicle traffic will further congest streets and believe it will deter people from visiting the area.

“It will give a perception to the rest of the Calgarians that this area is very congested. Lack of parking, lack of, I mean congested road and it’s very hard to get access to Chinatown,” said Annette Fung from the Silver Dragon Restaurant.

Cycling advocates with Bike Calgary say cyclists want to ride where it's safe and that cycle tracks are effective.

“It’s important to be able to travel to work places, in that corridor, and there a lot of new restaurants and apartments on the south end of that corridor so it does provide some good connections,” said Brent Clark from Bike Calgary.

They say a north-south connection on the east side of downtown is a necessary route.

The city's Transportation Committee will present a report on the project to the Standing Policy Committee on Wednesday.

For more information, visit the cycle track network page on the city’s website.

(With files from Ina Sidhu)