A group of citizens is concerned about how a local pub handled its security after witnessing an altercation between a bar patron and security staff.

Bouncers at Jamesons Irish Pub were dealing with a man they say was drunk and threatening on Sunday night.

Calgary police confirm that the man went to the bar multiple times that night, each time apparently becoming more belligerent. 

Rocky Kandola and his cousins say the security measures they witnessed and recorded were excessive and uncalled for.

When Kandola and his cousins saw the man being beaten they hopped out of the car to intervene.  

They say they learned the two men doing the beating were bar door staff and so they began to record the incident. 

One of the Kandola cousins is a physician and says he was concerned that EMS was being held back from treating the injured patron.   

Kandola says the punishment was too severe even if the man was the instigator.

"They were looking at the guy, antagonizing him, you're not so tough now," said Kandola. "It's totally uncalled for for something like that to happen to anyone for any reason."

Police say Kandola's footage shows just one small snippet of an event that unfolded over an entire night and that the security staff will not be charged but the patron might be.

Jamesons released a statement late Wednesday saying, “Jamesons wishes this incident could have been handled without either the patron or doorman being hurt, but we agree with the police assessment that the doorman has the right to defend himself.”

(With files from Bridget Brown)