CALGARY -- As concerns grow because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people and families are choosing locally grown foods to help support local farmers, businesses and Alberta's economy.

Ken Keelor, Calgary Co-op CEO says it’s very crucial for the store to contribute to the local economy because they only operate in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

"When you shop with us, you can be sure that all of it is going back into the local economy."

On Thursday morning the Calgary Co-op located in the community of Acadia announced two new exclusive labels, Cal & Gary’s and Founders & Farmers. With more than 600 items to choose from, like Cal & Gary’s Stoney Trail mix to Cal & Gary’s free-run eggs, “Why did Gary cross Macleod Trail? To get these eggs!”

Keelor added that Co-op’s 440,000 members have asked for quality, value and uniqueness.

Thats why all of Cal & Gary’s product has a Calgary “ism” on it, humour which only Calgarians will get.

"From the produce that’s grown here locally to some of our groceries, meat and dairy," said Keelor. "Our meat products are only Alberta beef, pork and chicken which are all locally produced."

Keelor continued to say that Calgary Co-op spoke to local farmers and suppliers about Co-op’s private brands.

"It was only local suppliers allowed in. We invited them to come and produce some of our products and now we have more local suppliers for our brand."

The store says there are also some added benefits to buying locally, such as:

  • Eating local products helps protect farmland
  • It reduces food miles, a term used to describe the distance which food may have traveled

To see more of the new products offered at Co-op, you can go online.