CALGARY -- Days after being struck by a car on Macleod Trail, a Calgary cyclist has died.

Family and friends identified the victim as Cory Meza, who was riding home from work at the Bike Shop on Friday evening when he was struck at Macleod Trail and 50th Avenue S.E.

"Cory sustained major injuries in the crash including trauma to his head, back, spine and other areas of his body," read an update posted to social media by his wife, Chelsea Meza.

"He has multiple surgeries and attempts to fix the trauma, and he fought valiantly but the injuries were not anything he could come back from. Together with his family, I made the decision to allow his body to go to peace this morning."

The pair met nearly 10 years ago and Chelsea said she will "never understand what I did to get such an amazing husband."

"He was more than that, he was my best friend, my partner, he pushed me to be better in everything and I am the person I am because of him," she wrote.

"He loved me more than I deserved. He stood by me through crazy things, and we had plans to conquer the world together. He would have been a great dad."

A GoFundMe has been started and money raised will be used to help his family travel here.

A celebration of life will be held once social distancing measures and travel restrictions around COVID-19 have been lifted.

Chelsea described Cory as the most ambitious person she knew.

"If he decided he was going to pursue something, he was going to do it till he was the best," she wrote.

"That was true in his job, in his marriage, in his friendships but most true in his love for cycling. I believe cycling was the only thing he loved nearly as much as me. When he found wheels under him, he was unstoppable.

His love of cycling came with accomplishments, as he won races in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota,  Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

"The last post he made on social media was him in Bragg Creek, wide open road, under blue skies and he captioned it simply with 'bliss," wrote Chelsea.

"That’s where he is now."