CALGARY -- A Calgary man says he’s gone through the darkest times in his life, after hundreds of thousands of dollars of his disappeared from a trust fund at a Calgary law office.

“If they tell me this could happen, I won’t put my money in a trust account,” said Yong Jun Chen.

In October 2018, Chen sold his southwest home for nearly $700,000 after his divorce. A judge ruled the money would sit in a trust.

Chen said he repeatedly contacted Aspen Law Office to get his portion of the money, but it wasn’t released.

“I tried to contact them all the time, sending emails, I did everything I could but they always find some excuse,” said Chen.

He said in March 2019, he found out the money was gone. Chen said he was told it was stolen by a former employee at the office.

“I feel so frustrated, I couldn't describe my feelings at the time, just totally lost, because that’s money for me, for my daughter, for my family,” Chen said. “There’s not money to pay the rent, utility, my credit card, ticket to see my father.”

Aspen Law, which was located in Aspen Glen Landing S.W. is now closed

The owner Warren Woo said he’s in a legal dispute with his former paralegal, Rikki Kidd.

He filed a lawsuit for over a million dollars against her alleging the misappropriation of funds.

“The claim involves, among other things, breaches of fiduciary duty and contract and conversion by Kidd, who unlawfully stole funds from Aspen’s general and trust accounts while she was employed at Aspen. The other named Defendants either conspired with Kidd and/or were unjustly enriched by the misappropriated funds that were transferred to them by Kidd,” reads a Statement of Claim.

A default judgement from August 2019 ruled Kidd is liable for the amount.

Woo said he still hasn’t recouped his money.

Chen, who is not able to work because of a head injury says he doesn’t have the money to file his own lawsuit.

‘I feel hopeless. I’m just stuck, I don’t know what to do,” said Chen.

Calgary Police say they are investigating. No charges have been laid.

CTV News has not been able to locate Rikki Kidd for comment.

The current law office practicing in the space formerly occupied by Aspen Law has no affilation with the aforementioned practice, Warren Woo or Rikki Kidd.