CALGARY -- The parents of a 27-year-old Calgary man, who was found in a northeast home weighing just under 20 kilograms (43 pounds), have been charged following an investigation into alleged neglect.

Calgary Police Service officials confirm the man was found unresponsive by his parents inside his bedroom the family's Falconridge home on Oct. 24, 2020.

The man was transported to hospital by ambulance and admitted in acute medical distress.

"The victim suffered from a medical condition and was completely dependent on his parents for all his basic needs," said Staff Sgt. Vincent Hancott of the CPS domestic conflict unit. "It is believed his parents failed to provide him necessary care, progressing to the point where his life was in danger."

An investigation into the alleged neglect was spurred by a frontline health-care worker who reported the man's condition to police.

"This is a very serious situation and we commend this individual for recognizing the signs of neglect and contacting police," said Hancott.

The man's parents — 52-year-old Jonathon Grunewald and 47-year-old Malinda Phillips — were charged Wednesday with:

  • Failing to provide the necessaries of life, and;
  • Negligence causing bodily harm.

The accused are scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 4.

According to police, as of Friday morning, the victim continues to recover in a long-term care facility.