A man with a big moustache often clad in a cowboy hat has been charged after allegedly checking out of several Calgary restaurants before picking up his cheque.

The allegations were shared widely on social media with posts describing a similar series of events. In most instances, the man is said to have befriended staff by saying it was his birthday or that a loved one of his had died. He then proceeded to hand out roses but would allegedly leave the premises without paying his tab.

Calgary police say they have charged 33-year-old Michael Huppie with two counts of fraudulently obtaining food.

Managers of 1600 World Bier Haus in Glenmore Landing say it happened to them on Wednesday.

"I honestly think it was that cowboy look that he had to him," said Connor Rogers. "Being around this city especially, you kind of have that idea that a cowboy is going to be respectful or is going to be nice."

Rogers says the man went outside for a cigarette but never returned and did not pay his bill for food and drinks that exceeded $100. A bouquet of red roses that the suspect is said to have left behind were still displayed behind the bar on Friday.

Rogers says he is relieved that the man has been arrested and charged. "It’s really disheartening when people get treated like that. You’re taking somebody’s trust and throwing it out the window. It's just kind of gross."