Calgary police have a new vital piece of equipment to help with disaster relief, all thanks to the city’s Flood Resiliency Program funding.

Following the 2013 flood, the CPS identified a real need for a mobile support unit to provide command and logistics support at the site of a disaster.

Two years after the search for a solution began; the service has unveiled the $900,000 MCV.

The MCV was custom-built by Florida-based MBF Industries and a team of seven CPS members and includes a number of unique specifications.

It can be deployed in any type of situation, including natural disasters and emergencies, as well as community gatherings and events.

The MCV can also house an incident command team in the event of prolonged, high-risk situations.

Police say the new vehicle will replace another one, that is nearly 15 years old.

"It is replacing our 2002 mobile command vehicle that has been in operation since post G-8. As part of the 2013 flood, we were able to secure some funding from the resiliency fund to replace the vehicle and what we have is a state of the art vehicle," said Acting Dep. Chief Ray Robitaille.

The vehicle will join the CPS fleet this week.

Other projects funded through the city’s Flood Resilency Program include the construction of resiliency components into infrastructure, restocking and augmenting pandemic supply kits, replacing protective equipment for first responders and buying generator, back up phone systems and other technology to ensure critical public services remain online throughout disasters.