CALGARY -- Canyon Meadows School is now the second in Calgary to be placed on  COVID-19 watch status, meaning five or more cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed at that location within a two-week period.

St. Wilfrid Elementary is the other school that was placed on watch status earlier in September by Alberta Health Services (AHS).  

Roughly 420 students attend Canyon Meadows. It’s not yet clear how many cases have been confirmed or whether those infected are staff members or students. 

The school previously delayed its opening in late August when the principal, assistant principal, and an administrative secretary were forced to quarantine after being exposed to someone who had the virus. 

AHS is keeping all schools in the province open as it continues to monitor the health situation at schools on watch status.

School boards have mandates increased cleaning efforts and contact tracing in effect to ensure people who may have been exposed can isolate for at least a 10 day period. 

The Alberta government has confirmed 47 schools have outbreaks (between two and four cases), which includes six schools under watch status.

As of Tuesday afternoon, schools on watch status include:

  • Canyon Meadows School (Calgary)
  • St. Wilfrid Elementary (Calgary)
  • Centre High (Edmonton)
  • Vimy Ridge (Edmonton)
  • Highlands School (Edmonton)
  • Austin O’Brien (Edmonton)

According to the province, there are now 210 COVID-19 cases in 113 schools. 

Nine schools have confirmed reports of in-school transmission of the virus and 20 schools with previously alerts have had no further cases and allowed all kids to return to classes.