After just two days of advance voting in the Calgary municipal election, officials say nearly 20,000 people have cast their ballot, about double the amount in the last two elections.

Half of that number came from the first day alone and officials say it’s a huge difference from the last municipal election, where the total voter turnout was only 39 percent.

More young people are also exercising their right to vote and city officials are holding a number of information sessions to boost those numbers.

The mayor’s communications advisor Daorcey Le Bray and Scott Crockett from the Calgary Chamber of Commerce spoke at a session at the Trolley 5 Brewpub on Thursday night.

Young people who attended say they are anxious to make an educated decision on voting day and want to make sure they know their vote counts.

“How does this actually apply to me, as the little person, as a one single female in a city of a million? How does my vote matter? How do you actually help me as a person? So, I’m really curious to see how it is on an individual level compared to just a masses level,” said Lyndsay Rolfsen, a young voter who attended.

The drive-up voting station set up at McMahon Stadium closes at 6:30 p.m., but there are a number of other places accepting ballots ahead of Election Day. They’ll be available until October 11.

Meanwhile, a new poll has been released regarding another controversial issue as the campaign moves forward.

A survey, conducted by Mainstreet Research, explored feelings in the city about secondary suites and found that people are quite divided over the issue.

The results show that 43 percent of respondents support new rules to allow secondary and basement suites throughout the city while 42 percent don’t want the units to be allowed in Calgary.

The poll also looked at the feelings of decided voters and found 63 percent of Nenshi voters are for secondary suites and 62 percent of Smith voters are against them. 45 percent of voters who have decided to vote for Andre Chabot are in favour of secondary suites.

You can see the full results of the poll below: