The village council in Cremona is crumbling after the mayor, deputy mayor and chief administrative officer walked off the job.

Political drama and dysfunction have been plaguing the community of 500 for two years and now the village is left with just one councillor, Karel Beckman.

Residents have been frustrated over several council decisions.

Most recently council unilaterally decided to sever ties the Mountain View Fire Department and start its own.

The spate of resignations happened after a particularly heated meeting about the fire issue.

“There's been a lot of frustration in Cremona and I realize this fire issue has brought everything to a head, but there have been many things happening in Cremona for the past two and a half years and I think this is finally it.  People are frustrated, want answers.  I think the public being listening to is the main thing that hasn't happened,” said Patricia McKeen, Mountain View Division 2 Councillor.

A provincial representative from municipal affairs will step in and take on the duties of council and the CAO temporarily and will then decide whether to call a by-election or wait until the fall municipal elections.

One local activist is pushing for a by-election as soon as possible.

“I would like to see a by-election.  This summer a lot of things could get done in one summer,” said local business owner Jennie Thompson.

The province is working on a Viability Study to determine whether Cremona would be better served under the umbrella of Mountain View County and will hold a public meeting in May.

(With files from Bridget Brown)