Officials with Calgary Transit say that an electrical issue between Crowfoot and Dalhousie LRT Stations won't be repaired until sometime on the weekend but reopened the line with limited service on Wednesday night.

The problem popped up at about 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday when a catenary wire, an overhead electrical wire that powers the CTrain, fell down near Crowfoot Station.

As soon as the wire fell, the power was automatically shut off and passengers currently on board the train were left stranded for more than an hour, just metres from the closest platform.

They were eventually led off the CTrain and to the platform by officials.

Ron Collins, spokesperson for Calgary Transit, says that every precaution was taken to ensure the safety of passengers. “There were a number of people on the train. We had to ensure the power was cut and that it was safe and they could disembark from the train because safety is our top priority.”

ENMAX crews have been called in to help assist Calgary Transit in the repairs.

On Wednesday evening, Transit announced that a temporary fix is in place to allow CTrains to share a single track  between the two stations for Thursday and Friday.

Transit says that riders should leave extra time for travel during peak hours as some trains may not be able to travel past Dalhousie Station.

Passengers may be asked to disembark at Dalhousie Station and transit is asking riders to board the next available train to complete the trip.

Routes 37, 43, 76, 137, and 143 are also in service.

Crowfoot Station will close again on Saturday and Sunday so crews can complete the repairs and regular service is expected to resume on Monday.

You can check Calgary Transit's website for further information.

The cause of the problem is still under investigation.