The parking lot at McMahon Stadium was transformed into a display of first responders and the vehicles and equipment they use for Sunday’s annual Disaster Alley hosted by the Calgary Emergency Management Agency.

Members of the public had the chance to get an up-close view of some of the Calgary Fire Department’s rigs, CPS helicopters, K-9 members, motorcycles, and EMS ambulances, and ask questions of the first responders who utilize them in the field. A total of 30 exhibitors were on hand to help educate Calgarians on disaster readiness.

Visitors to Disaster Alley 2014 learned how the professionals prepare for emergencies and what Calgarians can do to ensure their homes are properly equipped should a disaster occur. The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) provided Household Emergency Action Plan booklets which gave those in attendance advice on creating a checklist of items they should have in their homes to assist in the first 72 hours of an emergency situation.

For those unable to attend Sunday’s event, the booklet is available at CEMA.