CALGARY -- The page is called ‘Leeza Come Home’ and has 1,800 members. People are sending words of encouragement from all over North America, while others closer to home are out searching for the dog every day.

It’s been 21 days since year and a half old Leeza went missing from the Beddington Golf Park on Harvest Hills Boulevard in north Calgary but Rob Stevens and his wife Melissa Hubbard-Stevens aren’t giving up hope that she will be found.

“Leeza is a Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Akita cross and 52 kilograms and in one bounce she can move eight feet,” said Hubbard-Stevens. “So if she wanted to travel she could cover a lot of distance in three weeks.”

Leeza was surrendered to the Calgary Humane Society in 2020 and three months ago the Canmore couple welcomed her into their home.

“We’ve had three dogs and we lost two to cancer and one lived a full life and we brought Leeza into our lives because we’re very much dog people,” said Stevens.

She’s a big dog and for the most part well behaved. But occasionally when she became triggered she could pull her owners anywhere she wanted. Stevens says they hired a professional trainer to help her with that over the holidays. Leeza stayed with the trainer but December 30th after an evening walk she was spooked.

“Fireworks were set off and the dog being the powerful dog that she is bolted and broke the leash and was gone into the night,” said Stevens.

That’s the last time anyone saw Leeza. The couple spent a week in Calgary staying with friends searching day and night for their pet. They put up posters in the area where she escaped from her trainer and other surrounding parks. They continue to commute to Calgary to search for their pet.

“As we went through that process with no sightings we really realized that we needed to create more of a community around her so that’s where the Facebook group came from,” said Stevens.

“Honestly I’m just blown away by the outpouring of support by family, friends and strangers alike in our cause to find our fur baby,” said Hubbard-Stevens.

The couple have chased down many tips with no luck and regularly are in contact with Animal Bylaw Services, the Calgary Humane Society and veterinary clinics.  Hubbard-Stevens is even keeping watch of various buy and sell groups.

“I’m positive Leeza is out there somewhere,” said Hubbard-Stevens. “We hate to speculate but we just hope she’s safe and hopefully making her way safely home to us.”

The couple is offering an undisclosed reward for the safe return of Leeza with ‘no questions asked’.

“We just want that dog to be happy,” said Stevens. “So if someone has her and they don’t intend to bring her back, they just want to make her a part of their family, please just make her happy, that’s all.”

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