The father of a woman who was killed by Calgary police during an incident on Christmas Day says he holds no ill will against the officer who fired the fatal shots.

Stacey Perry, 29, was shot by police during an incident that unfolded early Christmas morning.

Police were first called just after midnight about a vehicle that was being driven erratically in the area of 9 Avenue and Blackfoot Trail S.E.

Authorities said officers attempted to stop the vehicle a number of times, but the driver ignored their demands, forcing police to break off their short pursuit due to safety concerns.

Several hours later, police were notified about a vehicle matching the description as the one in the previous call exhibiting the same sort of behaviour in the community of Falconridge.

Police finally managed to stop the vehicle at about 2:40 a.m. on McKnight Boulevard near 68 Street N.E.

Officials say the situation at that scene “escalated” and Perry, the driver, was shot by police. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Stacey’s father Bucky Perry, who lives in Manitoba, confirmed to CTV Calgary that his daughter was the one shot by police on Christmas Day. He said that he is heartbroken by her loss but doesn’t blame the CPS for her death.

“I would really like for the police officer to know that I don't begrudge him for what happened. It was not his fault and I hope that this does not affect his future. It was not his fault in my mind,” he wrote in an email to CTV Calgary.

The officer involved in the shooting was a 10-year member of the CPS.

ASIRT is investigating the circumstances of the shooting and will release details at a later date.

(With files from Camilla Di Giuseppe)