Crowsnest Pass RCMP has issued an AMBER Alert for the abduction of a toddler from the town of Blairmore, Alberta and confirm that her biological father was found dead inside the home.

Police say two-year old Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette was abducted from her home on Monday at about 3:30 a.m.

Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette is described as:

  • Female child
  • Small build
  • Light brown, straight hair with bangs
  • Brown eyes

Police say Hailey was abducted by an unknown person and that the suspect vehicle fled the residence at a high rate of speed and was headed west.

The suspect vehicle is described as:

  • A newer model white van
  • With a large rear antenna
  • With a flag attached

Late Monday, RCMP also confirmed the death of Terry Blanchette, 27, Hailey's father, and say his body was found by a family member in the home at about 11:15 a.m.

“I can confirm that the deceased male found at the residence is the father of Hailey,” said Superintendent Tony Hamori, Assistant District Officer, Southern Alberta District. “That particular aspect of the investigation is being treated as a homicide.”

Investigators say his death is related to the disappearance of the two-year-old and that the Southern Serious Crimes Branch has been called in.

"We believe that Hailey went missing from that location and obviously the fact that her father has been found deceased there, we want to ensure the two investigations are obviously managed in and of themselves," said Hamori.

Area residents say the incident is frightening and concerning.

“Terrified and shocked. She lives right across the road from us,” said Jennifer Irwin, neighbour.

Terry Blanchette worked at a local restaurant and his coworkers say he was well-liked and they are struggling to understand what happened.

“Terry was the kindest guy, like he loved his daughter. He was an amazing cook and an amazing man. He loved his little girl, he lived for his little girl,” said Jenness Short-Reed.

They say Hailey was the apple of Terry’s eye and they are begging her captor to return her safely.

“She needs to be brought back so bring her home, bring her home safely. Drop her off wherever she can be safe. Her dad loved her, she was his world. They came in here every day he had off, on Monday mornings for coffee and spent time with the staff and just everyone got to see her and her big brown eyes,” said Short-Reed.

“He would have died for that little girl and sadly enough that’s exactly what happened,” said Corrine Coren. “She didn’t do anything wrong, this isn’t her fight. There’s no reason for her to be taken or punished for whatever happened or whatever’s going on, it’s not her fault, she doesn’t deserve this.”

The AMBER Alert was extended to include B.C., Saskatchewan and Montana on Monday afternoon.

“We have spoken to Hailey’s mother and can certainly confirm that Hailey is not with her so at this point in time given the fact that Hailey is a two-year-old, that inherently makes her vulnerable so hence the AMBER Alert and obviously the great concern to locate Hailey safe and sound and return her to her family,” said Hamori.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crowsnest Pass RCMP at 403-562-2866 or local police.

Map of Blairmore, Alberta